Pure Maintenance has managed to perfect the dry fog process to rid your home of mold. Using our patented two-step system, even the most difficult mold problems can be resolved in only a few hours. Dry fog technology is not only quicker and more effective than old out dated remediation methods, but it also saves you money. If your home has been taken over by mold, Pure Maintenance has the solution.

You may have high mold counts in your home and not even know it. Mold can grow behind walls, in washing machines, under cupboards and can even appear clear after being washed with bleach but can still be very dangerous. If you have felt sick in your home or have had a water leak, call Pure Maintenance to receive a free evaluation by a certified mold inspector.

Pure Maintenance Services

Demolition Free Mold Removal


Pure Maintenance has revolutionized the way mold remediation is done. Our patented technology allows for stress free mold removal in your home. It saves you time and money!

Disinfection and Sterilization


Not only does using the Pure Maintenance dry fog technology kill all mold in your home or business, but it also destroys bacteria and viruses that make people sick making for a healthier environment.

Odor Removal


When your home or business has odor problems, our dry fog technology is your go-to solution for odor control. We offer a simple, non-toxic solution to combat and get rid of your odor concerns.



US Army Confirms Effectiveness


Our two-step dry-fog technology was put to the test for 6 months by the US Army Corps of Engineers in Fort Campbell Kentucky. Based on the results, the Pure Maintenance treatment was proven effective at killing mold, disinfecting surfaces and keeping it from returning.



What our Customers are Saying…

“Wow, what a difference Pure Maintance has made in our home! I can breath again and wake up feeling refreshed. They were very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I’m so grateful we found them!”



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